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Freelance Services

Editing & Writing Coaching Services

Types of work Bethany can do:

  • Editing–proofreading, tiny line edits, global edits for consistency of voice, pacing, organization, structure, etc.
  • Writing Coaching–developing an idea, fostering a writing practice, helping you establish writing goals and routines that set you up for success.
  • Submission Preparation–helping you find the outlets that want your work and get you published there.

Types of work Bethany has edited:

  • Short stories
  • Essays
  • Flash fiction / flash creative nonfiction
  • Prose poems
  • Novels
  • Nonfiction books
  • Blog posts
  • College entrance essays
  • Website/ ad content
  • Speeches
  • Cover letters & resumes


General comments—Send me something and I provide general comments on it (narrative arc, juxtaposition, strengths, what needs to be worked on, next steps, etc.) $4/page (double spaced)

Line edits—Send me any piece of writing, and I do some hardcore line edits which consist of overall comments about the piece, as well as line edits that focus on word choice, flow, sound, nitpicky things, etc. $6/page (double spaced)

Recommendations for submissions—I read what you want to send out for submissions and give you some quick comments about the piece and where I think you should submit it. $2/per page (double spaced) + $15.

Hire me by the hour–$30/hour for writing projects and writing coaching.

Contact me and let’s discuss your work!